Big News

25 Jun

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Since we were fairly lazy on our recent trip to Oklahoma, only a few pictures were taken.  Of those pictures, however, were some true gems. 

The last day in Oklahoma was spent in my in-laws backyard watching the kids playing in sprinklers and climbing up in the tree house.  The tree house climbing was short-lived, however.  One trip up the ladder led to the discovery of some very interesting and menacing looking ants.  Thus the kids decided to stick to the sprinklers. 

The dogs lounged about the yard, periodically stopping by to sit in someones lap or to take a trip through the sprinklers.  Denny didn’t take too kindly to the water, no matter how hot he was.  He ended up sprawled out under the tree house, wriggling about like an epileptic worm.  If only he’d known about the mutant ants…he may not have been so eager to play in the grass.

The rest of our visit was pretty uneventful.  My in-laws did take the kids to Incredible Pizza in Warr Acres, OK.  It was a cornucopia of indoor arcade games, pizza, bumper cars and bowling.  Jaden and Fisher would have gladly moved in if we had allowed it.  (They provide fake moustaches as a prize…what more could you ask for?!)

Speaking of moving, we’ll be moving to Oklahoma at the end of July.  A big move, I know.  We’ll be leaving the south behind along with its constant humidity and plethora of biting bugs for the windy heartland.  I’m looking forward to the sunsets and breeze…but not the bad weather.  Though, I’m told that the weather forecasting is top-notch there.  Hopefully I’ll learn to act like an adult when the storms roll through.  *fingers crossed*

So, anyone want to help me pack?  *wink*


One Response to “Big News”

  1. Amber June 28, 2010 at 2:12 PM #

    you know i will help you in any way i can. i’ll even pack myself! ;]

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