Here kitty, kitty…

16 Jun


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Last night my sister and I, along with Jordan and the kids went over to my mom’s house for supper.  We usually eat with her every Saturday night, but this week we felt like mixing it up a bit.  Tuesday!  Oh yeah.   

We gorged ourselves on roast and potatoes.  And almost everyone inhaled the butter beans with okra…except for me.  Ever seen a cow sneeze?  Exactly.  I’m not eating boiled okra.  Much to my surprise, Fisher actually ate the okra.  I know…and pigs flew by the window just as he did!  It was a Christmas miracle.   

After okra fest died down, we all adjourned to the living room to chit chat and to let the kids pet the cats.  My mother’s house is a cat sanctuary.  No really…I’m sure that 15+ cats qualifies as a sanctuary.  If only she could get government funding….hmm…  *stroking imaginary moustache*  

Fake moustaches aside, the cats are the important element to this story.  The most infamous cat in the house is Opossum…name such since she rather looks like an opossum.  She’s a solid white cat with one blue eye and one green eye.  Both eyes slant up toward her ears at such an angle as to make her look evil….which she is.  Of course, my little niece hasn’t caught on to this yet.   

Chloe: *Gasp*  “Kitty cat!”  

Me:  “Yes, Chloe, a kitty.  Go pet it!”   

Everyone Else:  *Muahaha*   

Chloe: *Petting the evil cat forcefully*   

Evil Cat: *Swatting at Chloe for all she’s worth*  

Chloe: *Completely unphased and still smiling*  

Me: Aww…I mean, awww.  

In my defense, the evil cat never uses her claws.  She mainly just beats you up with her furry feet.  It’s hilarious and terrifying at the same time.  I just wanted Chloe to share in the excitment…that’s all.  ;)  

Opossum did not find the humor in it, though.  She may have arched her back like she wanted to petted, but her furry feet said different.  She’s such a girl.  


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