The dead are so exciting

15 Jun

Spooky, huh?  Well, it is to a nine-year old.

This is the infamous cemetery of my childhood.  Tucked away in the woods, far from the beaten path, rests a family that time has all but forgotten. 

Most of the graves are still in tact, except for the father’s.  His has been damaged over the years.  No worries, though.  He’s still under there, 6 feet down.  Instead of the now common slab, they all had boxed in tombs over their graves.  I think it’s pretty classy: a peaceful place to rest for eternity.

One of the graves sites, not pictured here, had recently been updated by a family from Florida.  Their ancestors tombstone had long been washed away by time and weather, with nothing left but a plain marker.  I’m sure the other graves are jealous of his/her new marble marker.  *wink*

All joking aside, I have to give props to the family.  Not only where they fortunate enough to find the cemetery, but were thoughtful enough to freshen up the gravesite.  Even though no one will see it for quite some time, they wanted their loved one to rest in peace and not be forgotten.  Kudos, Florida folks!

These markers are from another local cemetery, one which is still in use.  (This is the cemetery where the hand is…..!)

I cannot even begin to imagine how old these graves are.  Time has erased any record of their occupants.  Some of the surrounding graves dated back to the mid-1800’s.  One grave marked a date of birth as 1785.  I found that grave to be of particular interest.  Born just nine years after we were declared the United States of America.  Now there’s some history for you! 

The grammar and spelling was a bit off, but I think that’s what makes it so endearing.  You colonials are just so darn cute.  ;)

“…laid to rest hear.  Borned 1832.  Died 1882.  May he sleepeth in peace.”


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