The Hand

14 Jun

It was a hot, sweaty weekend for Jordan & I.  We went to a beautiful outdoor wedding on Saturday and then went exploring on Sunday with my Dad & Step-Mom.  100 degree heat?  Psh…we barely noticed it.  (*eye roll*) 

Our exploring took us on a tour of forgotten cemeteries that dot the countryside where I grew up.  Across from my grandparents house is a tiny cemetery, tucked away in the woods behind a peanut field.  I spent a lot of time at this cemetery as a child.  My sister, cousin and I did our best to scare each other while we were there and we were usually successful.  Most of the tombstones date back to the mid-late 1800’s.  It’s truly a sight to see…which you will, tomorrow.  *wink*  Unfortunately, the old church next to it is no longer standing.  It would have been 120+ years old, so I shouldn’t have been so disappointed to see that it was gone…but I was.  It was an icon of my childhood: a single story, white church consisting of one large room with a wood burning stove in the center.

As we were hiking out of the woods, back to my father’s truck, we all decided to visit another cemetery that wasn’t far from where we were.  Story had it that a friend of my Step-Mother had buried his hand there when it was blown off by dynamite.  Riiiiight.  No one buries a lost appendage….right?

However skeptical we were, we couldn’t pass up the slim chance that the story was true.  So, upon arrival to the next cemetery, we set out on a hunt for the hand.  I was ready to spend an hour or more scouring the cemetery for a hand-sized grave site.  It came as a great surprise when, I stumbled across it within the first three minutes of searching:

“Oh my, God!” 


“I found the hand!”

I hate to say it, but we laughed quite a bit.  Not at the misfortune of this man who had lost his hand, but at the fact that the story was true.  It’s like discovering that the tooth fairy really does exist.  Who knew? 

Thus ended our day of cemetery exploration.  How could you top that? 

More cemetery fun coming your way tomorrow!


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