Does it smell dead in here to you?

11 Jun

There is something dead in my office. 

I’m not sure where it is or even what it is, but my office smells of death.  How’s that for a way to kick off a post? 

The mysterious smell was preceded by an outbreak of fleas in the back of our office.  (It’s truly an exciting place to work.)  The office was bombed and all seemed well for a few days.  (Besides the fact that the office smelled like pesticides.)  Then a new smell emerged.  Nothing can expound upon the stench of rotting flesh more than 90+ degree heat & 100% humidity.  For days we’ve been searching for the source without any luck.  

Then yesterday I ventured into unused room in the back of the office.  It’s where empty filing folders go to die…and evidently other things as well.  As soon as I entered the room I knew I’d found the home of the smell.  Something somewhere had died…and it wasn’t a manilla envelope.  

Of course what I’d come for was stored away inside of a closet.  Anyone feel a jump-scare coming on?  I sure did.  I stood in front of those closet doors for a full 3 minutes trying to prepare myself for what might fall on my when I opened them.  Dead cat?  Possibly.  Dead opossum?  Even worse.  

Thankfully I was wrong.  I grabbed a handful of folders and ran before whatever had died came back to haunt me.  

The door to that room remains closed and no one has gotten up enough nerve to go back in there.  The smell still lingers.  I’m hoping it will magically disappear over the weekend.  *fingers crossed*  

I have the coolest job ever.  (Ahem) 


In other news… 

We’ll be making another trip out to Oklahoma next week to visit with Jordan’s family.  This time we’ll be riding in Jordan’s Saturn Vue, which means a lot more leg room than my Honda Civic.  Oh, my legs are happy.  Well, as happy as legs can be when they’re looking at an 18+ hour car ride.  

The dogs are coming with us, even though I swore last time that I’d never bring them on such a long trip again.  They’ll be traveling in still in their very own pet crates instead of in a pile on my lap.  My legs are excited about this as well.  Oh legs, I spoil y’all too much.  

Denny will be tranquilized and Lemon will probably howl all the way to Mississippi…but at least I won’t have to share my seat! 

Denny needs a seat belt too.


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