Cats and Fish and Chloes…oh my!

4 Jun

Fisher: What are we having for supper tonight?

Me: Catfish.

Fisher: Ew!  I hate catfish!  It always makes me throw up.

Me: No it doesn’t.  You always love it.

Fisher: Nuh-uh.  It’s gross and tastes like cat!

Me: *laugh*  It does not taste like cat.

Fisher: Yes it does!  It feels like one too.  (Arms crossed and lip poked out.)

Speaking of cats…Chloe has taken to wondering around my house in the mornings meowing as loud as her little lungs will allow her.  Cute?  Only for the first few seconds.  Hard to sleep through?  You bet.  (Just ask Jordan.)  I guess it’s better than her trying to sneak into the shower with me.  Now that’s just plain weird. 

Maybe Wren should consider getting her declawed…just in case she decides to start scratching.  ;)


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