The Blowfish and the Girl Who Meows

28 May

Feeling empowered by my doodling abilities at work, I decided last night that I was ready to graduate to Photoshop.  (Somewhere my husband just shuttered.)  Because if I can manage to hold a mechanical pencil than surely I can figure out the intricacies of Adobe Photoshop, right?  (Riiiight.) 

Thus I plopped myself down at the Hubs’ desk and set to work on recreating the blowfish that I’d drawn on the Sunday square of my office desk calendar.  (He’s such a doll, that blowfish.  *cheek pinch*  Ouch.)  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Photoshop is completely different from Windows Paintbrush.  (crickets chirping)  Okay, maybe I was the only one that found that suprising. 

And thus kicked off an hour-long crash course into Photoshop, much to my husbands chagrin.  He is the King of Photoshop…unofficially.  And I’m pretty sure that I killed off more than a few of his brain cells with my constant questions and stubborn refusal  to “try new things.”  Evidently I’m not a team player.  Which was quite to shocker to me since I did so well in the sandbox as  kid.  Ah, well.  I like think of it as artistic vision and not stubbornness.  *cough* 

Thus, after only arguing with Jordan a few times, my blowfish was reborn in color.  “But Jordan, I know more about Photoshop than you…I’ve been working with it for an entire five minutes!” 

In other news…

My first week with Chloe has gone well.  Getting up earlier is still a bit painful, but getting to spend time with her makes it worth while.  Fisher has decided that he’d like to keep her.  They get along famously.  (I’m pretty sure that having someone younger than him around has something to do with it.Jaden has assumed the role of second mother.  If I’m in the shower, she’s the head lady in charge.  (Poor Chloe.)  And Chloe seems to think she has it made: morning entertainment, Pop Tarts for breakfast and a complimentary tooth brushing.  The only negative note that I can make can hardly be called negative: on the rare occasion that I have to chide her for disobeying, she meows at me.  Like a cat.  No whining, no pouting, just a long, loud meow. 

She’s a strange bird…one that is firmly planted in our family tree.  ;)


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