Toddlers Who Stare At Showers

24 May

Wren & Chloe.

My sister, who just moved back home from Tennessee, is starting her new job today at one of our local hospitals.  She’s a Surgical Tech and a darn fine one to boot.  With a hospital job comes hospital hours…EARLY hours.  So early in fact, that her daughter’s daycare isn’t open when she needs to be at work.  Cue Aunt Raine.  (That’s me!)  I’ll be taking on an extra little person to prepare in the mornings from here on out.  Most would probably complain, however I’m excited about having a little person running about the house again.  She’ll be three in October, making her one of the best ages to experience.  If you haven’t been around an almost-three-year-old before, you need to borrow one.  I’m sure a family member or friend would be willing to loan theirs out.

I quickly discovered this morning that my toddler-speak was a bit rusty.  I wonder if Rosetta Stone has a CD for that?  Thankfully, Wren gave me a heads up on a few key terms before she left for work:  Gig-gi = Blanket.   B-Bell = Tinkerbell.  Duh.  As if someone couldn’t figure that out.  (Ahem) 

Getting Chloe in the morning means getting up a bit earlier than usual, which also means that she and I will have plenty of time to watch cartoons together.  FYI: there are no good cartoons showing at 6:15AM.  None.  Chloe agreed and decided to follow me about the house instead.  Which was fine until I needed to hop in the shower.  Chloe didn’t understand why she couldn’t join me.  We’d eaten breakfast together, suffered through bad, early morning cartoons together…so why not the shower? 

She stood by the shower for five minutes with her hands on her hips, ready to  shuck her PJ’s at a moments notice.  My stare was the only thing keeping her from going through with her plan.  Thus I showered.  Every few minutes I would peak my head out from behind the shower to give her “the look” so she would keep on her clothes.  She was not pleased.  After several looks though, she surrendered and stood dejectedly in the corner of the bathroom, shooting “Precious Moments” looks at me ever so often.  It was pitiful.  She looked at me as if I’d been the one to shoot Bambi’s mom.  Yeesh.

I made it up to her by taking her to Starbucks on the way to daycare.  What more could an almost-three-year-old ask for?  I am definitely going to be the cool Aunt.  Coffee/milk in hand, we left Starbucks and headed out.  She and Fisher rocked out in the backseat with their milk to the sweet tunes of Mika as we made our way to school/daycare.  They’re cool like that.

Fisher’s last day of Pre-K is tomorrow, which means that it’ll be just me and Chloe cruising the roads together this summer.  We are going to rock this town!  ;)


One Response to “Toddlers Who Stare At Showers”

  1. Wren May 24, 2010 at 8:40 PM #

    You are by far the most awesome Aunt/Sister anyone could ever ask for!!! Chloe and I are sooo lucky to have you! :D

    We love you!!!

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