BBQ + Moonflower = Good Times

21 May

Impromptu BBQ, anyone?

As you can see, I didn’t have to cook last night.  Score!  At the last-minute, my Aunt decided to come from out-of-town for a visit, which made for an awesome evening.  The kids played to their heart’s content and I got to sit back and watch.  Ahhhh.  All that was missing was a glass of lemonade.

I love going to my grandparents house, since it holds my most fond childhood memories.  It’s particularly special to me now that I have children.  Not only was the farm a great place for me to play, but it’s providing the same enjoyment for my children. 

I would say that it was nice to “watch” the children playing, but they were so active, that they hardly slowed down long enough for anyone to get a glimpse of them. 

That is, until Fisher tried to swing my Grandfather over the top rail.  I love the look of his face:  a mixture of glee and fear.  It was cool in kindergarten, but not when you’re in your eighties.

While my dad managed the grill and the children played, my Aunt and Uncle set off to plant some vines that my Aunt had brought for my Grandmother. 

(The vine in question is actually a Moonflower, a.k.a. Moonvine.  It’s a species of night blooming morning glory….how cool is that?) 

The women on my dad’s side of the family all have green thumbs and I’m hoping my green thumb will show itself when I grow up.  (Ahem)

As the Moonflower was settling into its new home, the children started making laps around the house.  They said that they were playing Hide and Go Seek, but it was really a game of Run and Go Scream.  Flowers like being talked to, right?  Maybe the Moonflower is a bit more edgy…maybe it likes the excited squeals of children instead.  (Fingers Crossed)

Ah, the look of discovery.  Priceless.

It came at a perfect time.  The burgers were just coming from the grill and dessert was already being picked over.  (It’s very important to scope out the dessert first…that way you know how much supper to eat.)

By the end of the evening it was late, dark and we were all dirty….but contented.  The spur of the moment meal was just what we all needed: a bit of fun before Friday. 

And we all know how Fridays can be.  ;)


One Response to “BBQ + Moonflower = Good Times”

  1. Ashlyn May 21, 2010 at 1:30 PM #

    This post made me so happy! Reminded me of my childhood….haha look at me getting all nostalgic…. Your pictures are awesome!

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