Let loose the hounds! (I mean, ladybugs!)

14 May

The ladybug release was kind of amazing.  And by kind of, I mean really:

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 As soon as the lid was removed, the ladies poured out of the container like a biblical plague.  Fisher held out his hand hoping they would choose him as their new home, whereas Jaden took three steps back to give them some room.  You know, she didn’t want to crowd them during such a pivotal moment.  Wink  

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 For the next twenty minutes 1,500 ladybugs made their way across the lawn, up trees and down through the flowers.  Some even flew around and rested on our heads.  It was like a ladybug sandstorm….a ladystorm?  There’s nothing quite like little legs marching across your hair.

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 Jaden was a little wary of the ladies.  After a ladybug decided to get up close and personal with Jaden, she decided to go inside.  Fisher, on the other hand, was ready to camp out with his new friends.  Even after Fisher cried out that one bit him, *eye roll*, he shrugged it off and contented himself by becoming a ladybug play park.  He’s such a lady’s man.  ;) 

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 As the sun began to set, we all went inside to eat supper, leaving the swarm to fend for themselves.  Of course, we had to perform a ladybug check first.  We had ended up wearing almost a third of them. 

(For the rest of the night I caught myself glancing over my shoulder to see if a ladybug was still on me…I could almost feel their tiny legs on my neck.)  

On the way inside, I came across what I thought was a moth cocoon at first glance.  It ended up being a sizeable snail.  How cool is that?  I felt very National Geographic last night.  (Maybe grandma will send as a box of cheetahs next time.)  ;)


One Response to “Let loose the hounds! (I mean, ladybugs!)”

  1. Ashlee B. May 17, 2010 at 4:34 PM #

    So cute! Ahh, brings back some good memories of summer :) Thanks! Love your blog…and the new design!

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