Hey, that’s a good door!

11 May

I was just going to chalk up the craziness of yesterday to the fact that it was a Monday.  Legitimate enough, right?  Wrong.

I already knew that my morning was going to be hectic, so I was prepared.  I kicked off the day with a HIDA Scan on my Gallbladder…because who doesn’t want one of those?  The highlight was when the nurse blew out my vein while trying to insert my IV.  I thought it was a nice touch. 

However, this afternoon led to more interaction with the police.  Gosh darnit, I can’t get enough of those guys.  What’s that?  Once of our tenants has been charged with domestic violence?  Well, let me bring you a key.  There’s no need to kick down a perfectly good door. 

I have to admit, it was a bit exciting.  I may have watched a few episodes of Cops when I was younger….hey, who hasn’t?  However, I must admit that being there in person was far more awesome: 

Dude.  I’ve got a key to your apartment, so why are you hiding in the closet?  You know the cops are going to find you.  On the other hand, having the cops drag out of your apartment amid a fire of verbal assaults was pretty entertaining for your neighbors and myself.  Kudos on the feigned look of innocence, by the way.  It was classic.

As nice as the local police are, I’m hoping that maybe we can go a full day tomorrow without having to deal with them.  My fingers are crossed.


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