What the what?!

10 May

A tenant just waltzed in here with a cup full of poop and threw it on our counter.  (!!!!)  What the what?!  Who in their right mind does that?!  I can understand that some people cannot come to terms with the fact that they are not the only people in the world with a plumbing problem and that it may take longer than an hour for someone to come out, but seriously:  WHO DOES THAT?! 

“Um, excuse me ma’am, you left your excrement on our counter.”  “Oh, and you left your cup full of excrement on our front porch.”  Riiight.

I’m just going to pause for a moment so we can have a collective, silent freak out…..

Just in case you were wondering, if you throw poop on someone’s counter, you will get arrested.  Ka-ching!  Take that, Bee-Yatch! 

So, how was your Mother’s Day?  Mine was good.  Quiet, laid back…just like I like it.  Most of the Mother’s Day festivities took place Saturday night at my Grandmother’s house.  The family got together to eat supper, chat and exchange gifts.  Oh, and to also get our drink on.  Because that’s how families bond.  Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” better than Mimosas.  There also isn’t a better sight to see than turning a corner to find your Grandmother sipping on one.  Grandma Mimosa = Awesome.  Of course, we being light weights meant that the supper conversation was a little….colorful.  By dessert most of the conversation had been reduced to a string of sexual innuendos.  Sad, but true.  Of course, it was my Grandmother who begged for that neck massage…

That said, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  :)


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