I once ate a fly.

7 May

Today Fisher’s Pre-K class invited all the mother’s over for lunch in celebration of Mother’s Day this Sunday.  Before we ate, the kids sang a few songs to us…can you imagine anything more cute than that?  A gaggle of singing 5 year-olds with their tiny voices?  It was adorable.  Some of them even did hand motions.  And some of them had stage fright and curled up into a ball on the floor.   ;)  

My Fishman Getting Ready To Sing Me A Song


After the songs were over, the teacher started handing out plaques that the children had made for their moms.  They had been asked a series of questions about their mothers and then had the answers printed up as a gift.  Of course, the teacher had to read them aloud for all the moms to hear.  This proved to be interesting.  Here’s what Fisher said about me:  

My Mom is the most wonderful mom in the world.  She is as pretty as a butterfly.  She is 8 years old and has blue eyes and brown hair.  She weighs 7 pounds and is 9 feet tall.  Her favorite food is crackers.  I think my Mom is funny when she ate a fly when she was a baby.  I know she is really angry when she puts my sister and me in our room.  I love my Mom because she lets me help her.  

In my defense, I was two years old when I ate that fly.  Wink  


My Mother's Day Plaque From Fisher


Of course, one kid said that she knew when her mom was really angry when she said bad words to her dad….so I think I still came out on top.  ;)  

Once the gifts were all handed out, we sat down to eat.  Have you ever tried sitting at a table built for people who are 3 feet tall?  In a dress?  It was…challeging.  Of course, my preoccupation with my hem line gave Fisher plenty of opportunity to steal my potato chips.  (Gasp!  Fisher would never do such a thing!)  


I think it’s going to be a great Mother’s Day. 


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