Smooth Criminal

6 May

By far the best phone conversation I’ve had this year:

The phone on my desks begins to ring.

Me: Yes sir, can I help you?
Adult Male: Yes, do you rent to people with a criminal background?
Me: No, sir. We do not.
Adult Male: …but isn’t that discrimination?!
Me: *laugh* No. You shouldn’t have committed a felony.
Adult Male: That is ridiculous!
Me: ….riiiiight.

In other news…

Jordan and I passed up a Chevrolet dealership yesterday on the way home from my cousins funeral.  The owner of the dealership had one of the most unfortunate names that I have ever encountered:  Woody Butts.

Ahem.  I’m trying to keep a straight face, but it is proving to be difficult.  I should weep for the hardship that his parents surely laid upon him at birth. 

Although, I can almost hear the cheesy radio commercial for his dealership…    “Come on down to Woody Butts Chevrolet where you’ll never be the butt of another joke again!”

*Groucho Marx Eyebrow Wiggle*


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