The Glory of a Hot Car

29 Apr

Jordan took me on a date for lunch today.  Well, he’s not aware that it was a date, but that’s what I’m calling it.  A) We ate lunch out, a.k.a. not at home.  B) He bought the meal.  C) I gave him googly eyes across the table.  Totally a date.  D) He even bought me a chocolate waffle cone for dessert.  Score!

(Though, the googly eyes were due to the fact that Jordan had just had his eyes dilated and they were looking pretty freaky.  It was like watching a train wreck, you didn’t want to look, but you couldn’t help yourself.)

We dined on Chick-fil-A which was succulent as always.  Gosh, I love a giant chicken breast clutched between two steamy hamburger buns.  (Whoa now, don’t get all worked up…it’s just a sandwich!)  Once the chicken sandwiches were decimated and I had a waffle cone in hand, we strolled about the mall.  Usually I would have parked it in the food court by the fountain, but since Jordan was all bug-eyed, the light spilling in over the fountain was blinding him.  We opted to find a bench to sit on instead. 

(Of course, Jordan had to test his theory on old men and mall benches.  Wherever you go, there will always be an elderly gentleman sitting on the bench in front of Victoria’s Secret…always.) 

We ended up on the bench in front of BAM!  (Books-A-Million for those of you who are against abbreviations.  I usually am, however I can’t resist one that has an exclamation point at the end of it.)  I had to inhale my waffle cone at this point because it was almost time to go back to work.  Not an easy task since waffle cones should be eaten with care.  You have to take is slow to enjoy the waffly-goodness….plus you have to give the ice cream time to melt into the end of the cone.  The tip of the cone is the best bite.  Really.  It is. 

With a quick, cold & chocolate-y kiss, I was out the door and on the way to my car.  I was freakin’ freezing.  I’m naturally cold-blooded and the ice cream had raised my goose bumps to Defcon 5.  However, relief was only a few steps away.  There it sat.  The most glorious sight your eyes could ever behold.  A pollen-coated Honda Civic….V4 even.  Oh yeah.  Locked inside my tiny car was a cocoon of hot air.  Plopping down into a hot car is the most wonderful feeling in the world when you’re cold.  I love it.  Even more so than holding paper fresh from the copier.  I sat down quick and slammed the door behind and let the heat rush over me.  My goose bumps screamed for mercy, but there was none.  (A moment of silence for my fallen goose bumps….thank you.)

Sitting in a hot car after exiting a cold mall is quite possible one of my favorite things.  Definitely in my top ten.  It’s equal to the first sip of a canned, carbonated beverage.  You know the feeling.  Glorious! 

So, how was your lunch?


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