My Lobster is Another Year Older

26 Apr

I’m back, though still not 100%.   I won’t go into details, except to say if hell were a stomach virus, I’d be parked in the seventh circle.      

What better way to ease back into a normal routine than with a birthday post?  And what better person to celebrate a birthday than my husband, whose birthday was yesterday.  (Insert collective “Awww” here.)       

Green Lantern Cake Courtesy of my Mother


It was a modest celebration with homemade Brunswick Stew and the best cake a person can ask for.  My mother truly makes the best cakes…delicious.  Not wanting to show up with the usual balloon/flower covered cake, she went with a Green Lantern theme.  It was nice to pass up a generic design for something a bit more personal.  Jordan illustrates comics and, of course, enjoys reading them as well.     

Happy Birthday? Check.


Gosh darnit, aren’t we just the bees knees?  (Ever since watching The Princess and the Frog I’ve been dying to use that phrase.)     

The best part of his birthday came in the form of a trip to the movies.  I can’t remember the last time that just Jordan and I went to the movies together.  Don’t get me wrong, I looove animated movies.  Heck, I watch them even when the kids are in bed.  However,  the occasional movie that isn’t animated and has a rating higher than “PG” is nice too.       

Sadly, the movie we wanted to see won’t be shown in our local theater.  Evidentially having the word “Ass” in the title is too much for our town.  (Though, they had no problem showing “Inglorious Bastards.”)  So, we drove an hour to the next semi-sizable town to see “Kick Ass.”  Even though the marquee read “Kick A–,” at least they were showing it.  Score one for us!  The theater, though apparently brand new, was almost deserted.  Just how we like it.  Wink  In fact, we were the only two people there for the 4 o’clock showing.  Double score!       

The movie was, in my humble opinion, fan-freakin-tastic.  I absolutely loved it.  (Take that, Ebert!)  Was it something that everyone would like? Absolutely not.  But I definitely wouldn’t say it was any more “morally reprehensible” than any other movie that has been produced in the last year.       

It was the perfect way to spend a birthday.  Just the two of us in front of a big screen of glorious-ness.  Free to cackle as loudly as we wanted to.  Ahhh.  Bliss.       

Happy Birthday, my lobster.


One Response to “My Lobster is Another Year Older”

  1. mvanlvr April 28, 2010 at 3:07 PM #

    So cute! Love this one :)

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