Barking at Cars

12 Apr

Lemon TwitPic

Denny & Lemon have a penchant for cars.  Actually, it extends to anything on the other side of the fence that surrounds our backyard.  If they can’t touch it they can at least bark at it.  Ah, dogs.  Even though they’re short-legged, they still feel like big dogs.

Since the weather has turned warm, Jaden & Fisher have been practically living in the backyard.  I can’t blame them, it’s been glorious outside.  Lemon usually watches them run around while Denny chases them.  Just yesterday the kids picked up on Denny & Lemon’s love of chasing along side cars in the alley behind our house.  As a car drives by, the pair takes off along side it, though on a different side of the fence….obviously.  Jaden & Fisher, not wanting to be left out, began running with them as they chased cars along the fence line.  Then the inevitable happened: my children started barking at cars. Siiigh. Denny & Lemon are so influential.

Its starting to look like Jordan and I have a long summer ahead of ourselves.  Not only will most of it be spent outside in the sunshine, but it will also be spent watching the kids and dogs chasing/barking at cars.

I couldn’t be more proud.  Wink.


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