The Crash is Coming

2 Apr

(Click to Enlarge)

The kids return home from their Spring Break trip tomorrow.  I know that they’ll be sad to leave the mountains, but I cannot wait to have them back home.  They have had more adventures in one week with their Grandparents than they could ever wish to have here at home.  Thinking of this reminds me of my childhood when my dad would take my sister and I on similar trips.  Ah, good times.

(However, I’m sure that the kids do not mow down an elderly couple with their bicycle as I once did on vacation.  Oopsies.)

However, tonight Jordan and I will have to ready ourselves for the onslaught of story telling and, of course, laundry.  Mmm, smelly mountain laundry.  I’ve got my Mountain Fresh detergent on hand and ready to go.  (That seems somewhat contradictory, but I’ll go along with it.)  Yes, tomorrow afternoon will be fraught with reenactments of their trip along with the inevitable post-trip crash.  I predict it will hit around 7PM.  They will suddenly transform from happy-hyper children to whiny-lethargic ones.  The last hour and a half before bed time will be a loooong one.

In other news: I painted my toes this morning.  Anyone want to wager a guess as to how long the polish will last?  ;)

In the office this afternoon:

A prospective tenant comes in wanting to look at a property.  He was too frightened of the bees flying around the property to look at it yesterday.  However, today he came prepared with a can of Raid.  And I quote:

“I’m ready….I’m going in.”

It took him five minutes of spraying to make it to the front door.


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