Where I let slip some 90’s.

31 Mar

Ah, our first night in a week without children.  The possibilities were endless.  Back in the saddle of childlessness once again.  So, what did we end up doing?  The most exciting thing ever:

We took an hour-and-a-half-long nap in the living room.  Seriously, naps are da-bomb.  (Ooo, did I just say that?  Sorry, that’s my 90’s slipping through.) 

I know.  Lame.  I’d had great aspirations of things to do on our first night alone.  However, in the end, Jordan did take me out to eat for supper.  (Which was an epic failure.)  First off, the best BBQ place in town is only open at lunch and on the weekends.  Duh, you say?  Well, excuse me.  I have children and therefore am not privy to such information.  So we went to Chili’s.  (It’s a small town and that was the only other option when it came to ribs.) 

Chili’s for lunch?  Great service.  Chili’s at 6PM?  Still okay service.  Chili’s at 8:30PM?  What service?  Little did we know that the dregs of the waitressing world came out only at night.  Blech.  However, the food was good once it finally arrived at our table.  (The key word here being finally.) 

We returned home, full but jaded by the lack of service we’d received.  I don’t  mean to sound negative, though.  The night was not the night of excitement I’d envisioned, however it was still spectacular.  We left the house at 8PM to go out to eat.  When’s the last time we did that?  We drove home, in the dark.  Heck yeah.  I haven’t driven in the dark in ages.  That’s right, we got back home after our usual bedtime.  Bam!  (Agh, sorry Emril.) 

It was an awesome night!

Gosh, what could be in store for tonight?!  (eyebrow wiggle)


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