Attack of the Killer Bacon

23 Mar

Last night I ventured into an entire new world…the world of omelets…omelettes…however you wish to spell it.  For years I have been staunchly against letting my eggs have contact with cheese.  I know, crazy.  I’m just interesting like that.  (Pst…I don’t like gravy on my biscuits either…gasp!)  However, I decided last night that maybe I should give it another go since it had been a while since I’d tried it last.  Perhaps ten years or more.  I’m stubborn. 

As I cooked up the omelets, Jordan was on bacon duty.  Ah, it was a beautiful scene.  Bacon cooking along side sautéed peppers.  Husband and wife side by side, spatulas in hand.  We were the picture of awesomeness.  The down side to this layout, though, was that the stove top is only so wide, which didn’t allow for much room for error.  Error, you say?  I never make errors. 


Okay, I confess:  I am as accident prone as a person can be.  I may have shut my ear in a door once…but that’s another story. 

Soooo…let’s do the math:  One pan full of bacon/bacon grease + One left hand = Two burned fingers.  Oh yeah.  It was quite painful.  So painful, in fact, that it elicited the I’m-going-to-dance-around-’cause-I’m-in-so-much-pain…dance.  We all know what that looks like.  Thus, I spent the rest of the evening with a bag of ice on my hand and “Princess and the Frog” in the Blu Ray player.  The catchy show tunes helped ease the swelling almost as well as the ice did.  Sadly, I will not be able to hold my pinky in the air whilst sipping tea for quite some time.  Aw…it’s a true tragedy.

This morning I woke up to find that most of the swelling had receded, leaving moutainous blisters complete with snowy peaks.  (Okay, maybe they don’t have snowy peaks, but they are large.)


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