Spring Break, Mountain Style

19 Mar

Meet my Dad.

Hi, Dad!

He exudes awesomeness in everything he does.  Look at that grilling action!  Seriously, the best food known to man is born under the watchful eye of his spatula.  Yuuuummm.

Recently, he upped his level of awesomeness by volunteering to take the kids to the North Georgia Mountains on their Spring Break.  (Gasssp!)  Six days and five nights of mountainy-goodness.  What child of 7/5 wouldn’t be thrilled?  Practically an entire week in the mountains with just your grandparents?  Parent-free for the first time in their lives?  Can you say c-o-o-l?  I know they can. 

Of course, Jordan and I are absolutely excited.  A) The kids will surely have the time of their lives with their Grandparents.  B) They will get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the South.  C) Jordan and I will be child-free for, well, almost an entire week.  (Eek!)

I know, I know.  It’s sounds pretty spectacular, but then I got to thinking.  As good as an Adults Only week sounds, I’m going to miss my running-silly-hyper-balls-of-energy. 

Of course, how could I deny them this:

I know, it’s like a gift shop post card.  Sigh

Jaden & Fisher were fortunate enough to visit the mountains two years ago. The family took a trip there to celebrate my Great-Grandmother’s 90th birthday.  (Go, Granny!)


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