The Saturdays

15 Mar

Yes, I failed you all.  I teased you with the promise of some awesomeness on Saturday, but it never came to pass.  For shame!  I’m blaming it on a bad case of the Saturday’s.  Symptoms Include:

  • Making ambitious plans only to put them aside for something less strenuous
  • Inexplicable lethargy

However, I’m hoping to make it up to you by the way of some fantastic pictures of the kids.  *eyebrow wiggle* 

Jordan, the kids and I went out to the middle of nowhere to visit my Dad & Step-Mom.  We haven’t seen them in a while and they lured us in with the promise of grilled hamburgers and chicken.  Oh, glorious grilled food.  *siiiigh* 

As my Dad grilled, the kids took off to see what adventures there were to have around the farm:

Jaden made friends with Jack, my Step-Mom’s most recent acquisition, and proceeded to ride him in circles around the house.  She was the happiest girl in all the land.

Fisher, not wanting to miss out on the action, was quick to hop aboard the J&J express.  (However, the slow pace quickly bored him and he set off in search of something a little more exciting.)

Hay, anyone?  Seriously, you couldn’t ask for something more exciting than hay.  With about ten bales to play on, Fisher didn’t run short on excitement. 

…and neither did Jaden.  (However, she did get wedged between two bales of hay.  Thinking she was pretending to be stuck, we ignored her…until she mentioned that the baling string was tied around her leg.  Oopsies.)

Eventually the food came from the grill and the kids emerged from the hay.  We spent the rest of the evening gorging ourselves on hamburgers, sausage and chicken.  As you can tell by Fisher’s face, it was heartily enjoyed. 



2 Responses to “The Saturdays”

  1. Wren March 15, 2010 at 11:22 AM #

    So sad I missed it :( Looks like ya’ll had a great time though. Sure could go for a Mims burger right about now!!!

    • Kelly March 16, 2010 at 9:32 AM #

      Dude! Invite me next time! Randy still talks about how good the food was last Easter. Looks like the kids had a blast.

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