Just Call Me Alexander

8 Mar

…because it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

For reals.

Okay, so I don’t have any cavities and  I haven’t tripped on any skateboards…lately.  But I did have a pretty rough day.  It may be due to the fact that my delicate, feminine psyche has been crushed by raging waves of estrogen here lately.  (I’m pretty sure that’s it.)  I may have been rude to a few tenants today, but hey, they judged my math skills!  As if.  I totally know how to divide…well, at least my calculator does.  And I certainly know how to use a calculator.

It wasn’t my fault that one woman went to file her taxes empty handed…or that she lost her 1098.  Did I have time to recalculate her interest paid in the last year?  No.  I was too busy getting cussed out b an angry tenant who was, and I quote, “terribly pissed off.”  How could that be?  It may have been that someone else in my office was feeling a bit like Alexander today and had been rude to him earlier in the day.  Evidentially it was my job to calm him down.  That is not in my job description, I’m for sure.

I may have tossed a few maniacal laughs in the direction of an elderly woman today.  But she totally had it coming, I swear.  “What’s that, ma’am?”  “You’re three months behind in rent and you want to PURCHASE the property?!” (Insert crazed laugh here)  “I don’t think the owner will go for that.”  “No, it’s not only because you don’t pay your rent.  It’s that, after lowering your monthly rent amount by $200, you’re still not making payments.”  “I know, harsh.”  (Okay, so I didn’t say that last part.)

…and all of this transpired after I discovered that the memory card that I’d saved a butt-load of pictures to had become corrupted.  I lost ALL of them.  See?  You could have had an awesome, chipper blog to read today.  One sprinkled with some awesome pictures.  But not any more.  The universe is against me today.

*shaking fist at sky*

So, here’s to hoping that tomorrow will be a little less stressful.  *fingers crossed*

Update: I have spent the last hour re-loading my facebook page as a form of entertainment…because I am that pathetic today.  Gahhhhh.


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