Made in China

1 Mar

Did anyone see the moon last night?  It. Was. Awesome.

Although it was pretty chilly, I stood on my back porch in my PJ’s to get a close up of the moon.  Looking at it through my camera makes me wish for a telescope.

It also reminded me of my childhood.  My sister and I would see my dad every other weekend.  He loved nature and still does.  If we were able, we’d watch the sun rise and set.  However, I think our favorite was the moon.  There were several times where we’d stand out in the middle of the back yard and stare up at the moon.  I can’t see a full moon without thinking of my dad.

Yesterday was a lazy day.  Shocker, I know.   Ahem.  So, around three-ish, after having cleaned the house, I finally decided to put on some make-up.  At least that way I didn’t look like the lazy bum I’d felt like all day.  I must confess that I ended up applying my make up in Jordan’s office.  A) The natural light spilling through the window beats out fluorescent lighting any day.  B) Jordan’s office has the computer in it, which means that it also has iTunes.  My bathroom, sadly, does not have iTunes.  Bummer, man.  All was going well until it came time to apply some mascara.  For one, it’s hard to rock out to the Glee soundtrack and apply mascara at the same time.  (Double shocker) Secondly, the natural light highlighted the uni-brow that had surely developed over night.  How have I missed all of those little hairs for so long?  Darn you, fluorescent lighting!!  They begged for mercy, but I was fresh out.  I plucked them with gusto.  Oh yeah.  (Eyebrow wiggle) 

(I’m pretty excited about this discovery.  Usually the only place that has enough natural light for grooming my eyebrows is at a red light.  Hey!  Don’t knock it ’till you try it.  I never notice stray hairs until I’m sitting at a red light, waiting for it to turn green.  Thankfully, I always keep a pair of tweezers in my purse for just such a occaision.)

On a less creepy note, Jordan and the kids were the epitome of entertaining this afternoon.  Jaden is always full of ideas for a story and Jordan, being the film graduate that he is, is always eager to put a story on film.  With Fisher’s help, the three of them collaborated in the backyard for over an hour on a short story that they could film together.  They are just too-fan-freakin-cute.  I haven’t been told what my role will be in the story, just that I will have a part.  Score one for mom!  All I do know is that Fisher will have his brain stolen and thus become a robot.  Jaden’s imagination knows no bounds.

The highlight of the planning process, thus far, has been watching Fisher practice his robot role.  His battery would occasionally run down and Jaden would have to wind him up again.  (I know, you don’t wind up batteries to charge them, but it looks good on film.  *wink*) Jaden, seeing that her robot minion had run out of power, would find a stick  in the yard to set him going again.  Much to her dismay, she found that the first stick that she picked up was made in China.  Bahaha!  Seriously, those were her exact words:

“Ah, here’s a good one.” (Picking up a stick.) *siiiigh*  “Darn it.  Made in China!”  (Throws stick to the ground & searches for a new one.)


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