Sleep & Freckles

26 Feb

Something happened to me last night.  One moment I was perfectly awake and ready to get my Glee on and the next I was passed out in the recliner with only a blanket and Lemon to keep me warm.  (shoulder shrug)

It may be because I ate a massive amount of smoked beef at my Aunt’s house last night.  (Though, it wasn’t turkey, so it was tryptophan-free…what’s up with that?) Or, it may have been the massive headache I acquired from the too-tight-nose-pieces on my glasses.  Or, it could be because Jaden and Fisher drove my nerves to the brink of insanity by playing on my Aunt’s electronic, lift recliner for a straight hour last night.  Their howls of excitement were not all that exciting for everyone else in the room.  I was all for stopping them, but my Aunt thought that it was too much fun for them to pass up.  (My Aunt is awesome that way.)

Whatever the cause, at 8:45 last night I passed out in the recliner and only awoke long enough to drag myself to bed.

For 9+ glorious hours I enjoyed the deepest sleep of my life.  It’s one of those sleeps where you wake up with a thin sheen of sweat on your brow….yeah, like that.  (Hey, don’t say Ewww! You know you do it too.) It is the stamp of a good night’s sleep.  Mmm, sweaty.

Thus, I have been ultra perky this morning.  Which is why I am now regretting the almost 2 cups of coffee I had this morning.  (I say almost two cups because about 3/4’s way through a cup of coffee, the coffee gets cold, so then I have start over with another cup.  Lame, I know.) Nine-ish hours of sleep + two-ish cups of coffee = one hyper-ish me.

On an un-related note, I discovered a new freckle on my foot this morning as I was sitting in the shower.  (Why stand in the shower when you can sit?  Exactly.) I know that this doesn’t sound exciting to you, but this kind of think happens to me all the time.  Where are these freckles coming from?  What is their purpose?  I have a theory that I am not really getting new freckles, but the ones that I already have are just migrating.  Hold on, hear me out:  I used to have a freckle on the bottom of one  of my toes.  It was there for years.  Then, one day, it disappeared.  For reals!  (Eyebrow wiggle) Huh?  Crazy, right?  And they never move to a convenient place.  Take for instance the freckle that showed up on my bottom, right eye lid a few years ago:  I have to defend my mascara-application abilities all the time now.  No, it’s not mascara on my face, it’s a freckle.  No, really.  Seriously.  *sigh*  Would I lie to you?


One Response to “Sleep & Freckles”

  1. Alec February 28, 2010 at 12:32 AM #

    I love waking up from sleep like that! Haha. I just found your blog today, and stayed up reading most of the *yaaaaaaaaaawn* entries. I love your writing! Keep up the awesome stuff]


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