It’s 3AM and…

25 Feb

By nine o’clock last night Jordan and I were exhausted.  Thus, we voted to limit ourselves to one episode of Glee(My In-Laws, who are awesome, sent us the first season on DVD.) 

We finally went to bed at eleven o’clock after watching three episodes.  Oopsies.

As I trudged down the hallway, depressed that I couldn’t watch more Glee, I looked over at the washing machine and remember that Jaden did not have any clean uniforms for school the next day.  Fur-reek.  Why couldn’t I have come to this realization earlier?  Say, around eight-ish?  Because that would have been too convenient and out of character for me. 

So, I quickly got a load of clothes going and hoped into bed.  It almost broke my heart to set my alarm for 3AM.  (You see, if you have to wake up in the middle of the night, 3AM is the perfect time to do it.  By that point you’ve already gotten a couple of hours of good sleep.  Also, once you do go back to sleep, it will be with the knowledge that you have at least 3-ish more hours of sleep to come.  It’s a win-win situation…kind of.) 

3AM rolled around about ten minutes after going to sleep.  Because the universe is evil that way.  What?  You have to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn?  Well, you’re going to sleep so well that it will be almost impossible to drag yourself out of bed when it comes time.  Grrr. 

It took three swings to connect with my alarm clock and a full minute to stumble seven feet to the washing machine.  I felt like a newborn foal.  Wobbly legs and only hooves to pick up laundry with.  It was not one of my shining moments in life. 

However, when I woke up for the second time this morning, I found that it was all worth it.  Jaden went to school not only wearing clothes, but also wearing the right ones.  Score!

Me = 1    /   Laundry = 0

Oh…and I woke up this morning with an enormous, tumor-esque pimple right between my eyes.  It is like a beacon of embarrassment shining bright for all the world to see.  Awesome.  You’d think that after having two kids that I would get a free pass for that kind of thing.  Oh no.


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