Asteroids and Funerals

23 Feb

Last night, after my Uncle’s funeral, I collapsed into the recliner with Lemon.  Armageddon, featuring Bruce Willis, among other, was the only thing on TV worthy of my attention.  (I have sophisticated tastes, you know.) I absolutely adore this movie.  I cannot say how many times that I have watched it.  I have lost count and would probably be ashamed to know the number.  Yet, I have never been able to sit through an entire viewing of this movie without crying.  I blame estrogen for that.  Darn you.  *shaking fist*

However, last night I cried over the death of Bruce for an entirely different reason.  It wasn’t just that he was sacrificing himself for his daughter and the world, it was the sole fact that he was dying.  Having never dealt with death until recently, this made quite the impact on me.

For starters, Bruce Willis has always reminded me of my dad.  He shares similar physical aspects with Bruce as well as similar mannerisms.  Seeing him destroy that asteroid, along with himself, pushed my tender feminine emotions over the edge.

Jordan, thinking I was mourning the loss of yet another fictional movie character, laughed over my reaction.  (I can’t blame him, I do that a lot.  Fictional characters need love too.  Ahem.) However, after climbing into his lap to cry some more, he got the point.

Poor Bruce.  Poor Uncle Dave.  Poor everyone.

It was then, after my 10th+ viewing of  Armageddon, that I realized just how much of my life will be spent coping with death.


2 Responses to “Asteroids and Funerals”

  1. Wren February 24, 2010 at 8:47 PM #

    Don’t feel bad sweetie. I cried all the way home Monday for no reason at all… At least you had a tear-jerker movie to blame.

  2. Kelly Moody February 24, 2010 at 1:30 PM #

    I’m so sorry over your losses. I sympathize with the fictional characters need love. I frequently shed tears over movie characters. Randy makes fun of me all the time.

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