19 Feb

I love how life is sprinkled with little nuggets of goodness.  It’s as if the universe can sense that you’re having a rough day and treats you with a moment of hilarity:

As I was driving back to work, in a funk, I passed up an older gentleman who was out for a walk.  He appeared to be an aging flamboyant, due to the look of  his outrageous jogging suit.  The moment of hilarity came when I noticed the enormous, metal baseball bat he was carrying for protection.  Yessss. 

I enjoyed the mental picture of him bruising a would-be-assailant all the way back to work.  At his feeble age, the most he could do with that bat was wrinkle his attacker’s clothes.  The look on his face, however, said that he could do so much more. 

Sa-weet.  ;)


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