Property Manager vs Crazed Tenant

16 Feb

I am beginning to lose count of the number of times that the police have been called up to my office.  It’s truly a sad statement to type.

As you may guess, the fuzz played guest to my office this afternoon.  Nothing like an irate tenant to spice up the day.  What’s that?  You don’t appreciate your late fee?  You know that there is a simple solution to your problem….don’t be late.  (Gasp…profound!)

Yes, one of my tenant’s, who is infamous for her attitude, showed out this afternoon in the most glorious hissy-fit ever witness by man…and woman.  After a ten minute rant about the injustice of it all, the office become crowded with frightened tenants wanting to pay their rent.  Wide-eyed and a little more than nervous, they cuddled together in the corner of the room as Mrs. White Trash, as I’m calling her, let loose on my coworker and myself.  When she refused to leave, the boys in blue were called in to escort her from the premises.   It was an ugly thirty-minute-long back-and-forth session in the parking lot that ended in an oddly chipper psycho.  After the deputy thwarted her plans to elude her late fee, she walked back into the office with the proverbial tail tucked between her legs…although, she still didn’t pay her late fee.  No matter.  It’ll come out of her security deposit in the end.  (Muahaha…*ahem*)

So, that was may day.  Goody.  ;)


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