It’s been a while…

15 Feb

I take it that you’ve heard about the snow covering the Southeast this past Friday.  To say that we were excited is a understatment.  It hasn’t snow that much here since 1973…so it’s been a while.  We ended up with two inches, which was more than enough to play with:

As soon as the snow started falling, Jaden & Fisher were outside enjoying it.  Mmm, tasty.

Once I got off of work the snow was falling hard and large. 

I loaded the kids in the car and we took a driving tour of our newly renovated town.  On the way, we stopped at the mall to play in a field of snow in front of Dillard’s.

We had to make several trips from the field to the car to thaw out, though. 

“My hands!  The burning!”

However, it wasn’t long before they were begging to go out again.

Jaden & Fisher were sure to check off every snow-related activity that they could think of.  (And they were definitely soggy enough to prove it.)

After making a snow man, the kids were kind enough to involve me in a “friendly” snow ball fight.  I, of course, was the target.  I’m such a cool mom.  ;)

Sadly, by Saturday morning is had mostly melted away.  Only a tiny snowman remained in the front yard.  The kids checked on it every ten minutes, all day, until it melted. 


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