Playing Catch-Up

1 Feb

So I’ve been running a tad behind on my birthday blogs for the past month.  I’ve just been plain busy.  However, I finally got around to uploading and editing pictures from the various family birthdays that have been celebrated over the past few weeks.  I guess you could blame my delay in blogging about these momentous occasions on the excessive amounts of cake I’ve eaten.  All of that sugar consumption has me running a bit slow.  (At least, that’s the excuse that I’m going with.)

Without further ado, I give you birthday #1, My Mom:

What birthday was this, Mom?  “My forty-freakin’-___ birthday!”  (Like I’m really going to show my mother’s age on the internet.  I value my life too much to do such a thing.)

The birthday cake was fabulous…probably because my mother made it.  I know, how awful for someone to have to make their own birthday cake.  We can’t help that she makes the best cake in the family!  We only want the best for her on her special day.  *wink*

Birthday #2: My Step-Mom, Marilynn:  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from her celebration.  Just know that there is one fabulous photo that you’re missing out on.  Picture Marilynn and I standing side-by-side, holding her cake between us….well, between us and our teeth that is.  We were too impatient to wait for the cutting of the cake, so, as we were posing for the camera, we decided to go ahead and give it a taste.  (It was pretty darn tasty.)  It was a weak moment for us, yes, but it made for a great picture.

Birthday #3: My Step-Brother, Eric.  Eric is a pretty exciting guy, so we definitely weren’t lacking in the entertainment department.  We celebrated in our usual style: My dad grilled hamburgers, my step-mom took care of the rest of the food and the kids played until they couldn’t play anymore. 

(L to R: Step-Mom, Step-Nieces & Step-Brother)

It was certainly a laid-back yet wonderful birthday party. 

(I apologize for how dark the photos are.  I’m starting to wonder about my monitor at home…)

Coming up tomorrow: A genealogical trip through the family Bible index. 

 (Hmm, when did my grandmother buy new living room furniture?  Check the Bible!  Everything is recorded there!)



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