Ice Ice, Baby

29 Jan

My Mother-In-Law just e-mailed some pictures of their backyard to me.  They’re one of the lucky states that is enjoying the winter storm that is sweeping across the country:

I like the way my Father-In-Law described the scene:

“The ‘big tree’ in the back has about a ¼-inch covering of ice and now there’s just good old snow coming down. A couple of close-ups of the little branches look like James Cameron Alien-fingers. Kinda cool.”

Oh, it’s more than cool, it’s awesome(Unless you need to drive somewhere.)

Although, I’m not sure that Zoe, their Shiba Inu, thinks the same. 

And to think, we missed this by just a few weeks.  Darn.  *wink*


One Response to “Ice Ice, Baby”

  1. Wren January 29, 2010 at 4:06 PM #

    Lucky states to get the winter storm??? Your poor sister is in one of those “lucky” states. I’d rather skip it to be honest! ;)

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