Day Two, No Shoe

27 Jan

I’m glad to see that you have all tuned in for the exciting conclusion of the shoe debacle.  (Not as exciting as Bush’s shoe debacle, but just as frustrating.)

Day Two of no shoes dawned just like the first: no shoes, but plenty of blame to go around.  I was blaming UPS and UPS, in a round-about way, was blaming me.  Ah, UPS, your unfriendly operator may say that she believes me, but her sarcastic remarks and condescending tones says differently:

Yours Truly: “Hello?”

UPS: “Yes, you’ve reported’ that your have not received your order?”

Yours Truly: “That’s right.”  (I segway into a short story of what transpired the night before.)

UPS: “How odd considering the driver recorded that he gave the package to a young boy.”  “How do you explain that, ma’am?”

Yours Truly: “Well…”  (Again, I make it clear that at no point did anyone in my household see/talk to a UPS employee.)

UPS: “Hmmm…interesting.”  *tisk, tisk*

After a five-minute trail without jury, courtesy of the UPS customer service “lady,” I was set free with the promise of an investigation.  Gee, thanks…I think.

How did I go from being the victim to the suspect?  I can understand her distrust, though.  I get lied to by my customers as well:

 “Yes, I can’t pay my rent because my mother just died.”

“Um…last month you said she died this past Thanksgiving…so, she’s died twice?”

However, in this instance, I am most certainly telling the truth.

Thankfully, the company I ordered the shoes from was understanding and promptly overnighted a new pair for me…this time to my office.  And low and behold they have just arrived!  *Angels descending from above with trumpets*  They are glorious.

So stick that in your juice box and suck it, UPS.  (Please & Thank you.) 

Oh…and what do the shoes look like?


One Response to “Day Two, No Shoe”

  1. Wren January 27, 2010 at 4:25 PM #

    So do we get a picture of the shoes?

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