UPS and Daleks

26 Jan

Last night was an interesting night at our house.  It started with Jordan hooking up a microphone/webcam  to our main computer.  Since my sister lives so far away now, Jordan and I have decided to set up a Skype account.  That way we can see/talk to her when we want.  Sa-weet!  (Hey, Sis, did I tell you about that?  No? Well, won’t you be surprised!) 

Jordan needed to test it out first to make sure that it was working properly before we used it in an real conversation.  I was thinking that the classic, “Test, test, 1,2,3..” bit would work nicely  It’s short, simple and to the point.  However, that just wouldn’t do, not for us, anyway.  We’re a bit different when it comes to certain things.  I wasn’t surprised, then, when I heard what sounded like an angry Dalek shouting from behind Jordan’s office door.  (Don’t know what a Dalek is?  Well, read up and weep over the fact that you’ve missed out on so much.) 

What I found was Fisher standing over the new microphone, doing his best Dalek impression:  “Exterminate!”  “Capture the Doctor!”  Jordan would then take the audio tracks and tweak them so that Fisher’s voice would sound like that of a Dalek….well, a young Dalek….that giggled a lot.  It was adorable.  There they both sat, have the time of their lives taking turns to talk like Daleks. 

Ahh, my nerds…they make me so happy.

With the sound of a Dalek invasion filling the house, Jaden and I headed to the library to work on her homework.  She was having some trouble with her math homework and I was happy to leave the boys to themselves so that they could conquer the universe without distraction.  I was also waiting for a package to be delivered by UPS and wanted to be near the front door when it arrived. 

An hour went by before I heard UPS knocking at my front door.  I was rockin’ some flannel-polka dot PJ’s, but  figured that UPS might not feel the same way.  So I waited a few minutes and then tip-toed out on the front porch to claim my prize.  What I was hoping would be a quick and discrete trip outside, turned into a 30 minute scavenger hunt in the cold.  *siiiigh*  The package was no where to be found.

According to the e-mail that I received from UPS, it was delivered to “CUST/BOY.”  Customer boy, perhaps?  Psh, please.  Why must you lie, UPS?  So now I get to battle UPS for what I am sure will be a month.  Nothing like a he-said/she-said with a major corporation to relax you at the end of the day. 

All I wanted was happy feet. 

In other news, I just witness the most spectacular mullet:  Super short  in the front, down to her knees in the back and ruby-red all over.  Nothing like a bad dye job to accentuate the awesomeness of a mullet.


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