22 Jan

You can imagine that after the drive out to Oklahoma/Texas last week and the trip to the water park that we would be exhausted.  We were.  However, that didn’t stop us from doing some shopping before slowing down to relax. 

After checking out of Great Wolf Lodge, (so sad to see it go), we hit up some of the best stores in Dallas for an afternoon of shopping.  The guys of the group requested a trip to Fry’s Electronics.  (Evidentially Fry’s is liken unto the holy grail.)  Next, we  stopped by the mall to let the ladies of the group pick up a few things and for the kids to ride the carousel. 

We ended our shopping spree at Toys-R-Us.  The kids had received gift cards from Jordan’s parents and were dying to use them.  Fisher was predictable and got a new train set.  Jaden, however, was not predictable.  Barbie?  No.  Polly Pocket?  No.  Giant, remote-controlled tarantula?  Yes!  It’s what every little girl wants.

We arrived back in Oklahoma late that evening and collapsed into bed.  We spent the rest of our time with the family relaxing and playing  games.  The game play was one of the more entertaining events of the trip.  Entertaining not only because the games were good, but because they were designed for small children and were being played by adults.  Hold a cake between your elbows and slide under a stick?  No problem. 

We woke up Sunday morning, the eve of our return to the south, and continued the relaxing activities of the day before.  The kids played with Aunt Amy and Josh, both who seemed to have endless patience.  The adults lounged around until the afternoon when we all headed to the theater.  Norman, OK is home to the most amazing move theater that I’ve ever seen.  (I’m sure there are more amazing theaters out there, but this one surely beats out most.)  Though I’d been there several times before, going with the children was like going for the first time.  I think watching the kids react to the theater was better than watching the movie.  The theater oozes class and comes complete with an old-fashioned, red-velvet curtain that slowly ascends as the movie starts.  The kids loved it. 

We returned home this past Monday, leaving at 5AM Central Time and arriving at 11:35PM Eastern Standard Time.  Whew.  It was a looong drive home:

Especially with two dogs in the car. 


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