Great Wolf Lodge

21 Jan

During our visit with Jordan’s family, we were treated to a visit to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX, courtesy of Jordan’s grandmother.  It is quite possibly the most amazing place that I have ever been.  It is basically a resort with an indoor water park, kid’s spa and a variety of other child-friendly activities.  (Awesome, right?) 

We drove down to Grapevine last Thursday morning.  It was cold…very cold.  Which is why it was so exhilarating to be changing into swimsuits as soon as we were checked in.  Though it was a long, chilly walk from our room to the water park, it was nice and toasty once we stepped from the hotel area into the water park.

I’m not sure of the square footage of the park, but it was massive.  There was a children’s area, a fort (see left), a wave pool, multiple slides and several other areas that were just plain awesome.  We started off in the children’s area which was dotted with multiple spray guns and buckets, ready to soak an unsuspecting parent at a moment’s notice. 

Then we moved on to the main event: Fort Mackenzie.  It was a four-story interactive treehouse water fort.  (Fun to read and say)  You couldn’t go more than two steps without being sprayed with water.  The coupe de grace came in the form of the enormous bucket that sat atop the fort.  Every few minutes a bell would sound and passersby would get pummeled by a 1,000 gallons of water that would be dumped out of the bucket.  It was crazy-fun. 

The other highlight of the park came in the form of the slides.  There were your classic water park slides.  The kind that you had to climb five flights of stairs to get to the top so you could be shoved into an enclosed tube to scream your heart out in enjoyment on the way down.  Seriously fun. 

However, one slide in particular was different from any water slide I’ve seen before.  Halfway down the slide you were spit out into what appeared to be a giant toilet bowl.  Around and around you went until you eventually emptied out the bottom of it.  Oh-my-gosh.  Who doesn’t want to get flushed?!

By the time we returned to our room that night it was dark and we were exhausted.  However, we didn’t complain.  We had just experienced one of the most memorable days of our lives. 

Thank you, Mawmaw.

In other news: Fisher sneezed last night and out popped his front tooth.  (We didn’t even know it was loose)  *wink*


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