20 Jan

Usually a 17+ hour trip is chock full of detours, mishaps and all-around craziness.  By splitting up the trip to Oklahoma into two days, we avoided most of that.  The key word there being most

After nine hours on the road, we arrived in Tupelo, MS at 12:35AM.  (That’s 1:35AM EST for us)  Exhausted as we were, we couldn’t wait to get to our hotel and collapse into bed.  Of course, we had to find it first. 

We got the inkling that something was wrong when it had been 15 minutes since we’d left the interstate.  What hotel would be 15 miles from the interstate?  (None…that’s the answer)  Surely Google Maps would not lead us astray. 

Our concerns multiplied as Google Maps instructed us to turn left on to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  Nothing good is ever located on MLK.  Nothing.  As we turned on to MLK, we found ourselves facing a large sign that read “Tupelo Industrial Park.”  (Scarrry)  Behind the sign sat a neighbor hood dotted with shanties and angry dogs chained to trees.  One tree even had a car engine swinging from it.  Nice. 

We turned left again and drove another .2 miles to where the hotel was “supposed” to be located.  All we found was a house with a complete living room set spread out on the front porch.  (dum-dum-dum) 

After a frantic call to the hotel and another 30 minutes of back-tracking, we finally arrived at the hotel.  It turns out that most patrons of this particular hotel end up in the ghetto.  Evidentially Google Maps can’t quite located this place. 

Lesson learned.

The next morning we got up early, grab a bite of stale food from the “breakfast buffet,” as it was being called, and got back on the road.  I had to leave a note for the manager at the front desk, notifying him of our departure.  He had left an hour earlier to drop off his son with his baby-momma.  (Is that proper slang?) 

Anyhoo, The Jameson Inn in Tupelo, though pet-friendly, was definitely a mistake.


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