Day One on the Open Road

12 Jan

Today we’ll embark on the first half of a two day journey to Oklahoma.  Exciting, right?  Well, what if I add that this trip will be made in my Honda Civic with the Hubs, two kids and two dogs?  Now that is what I call exciting….and a tad crazy.

(It’s a trip like this when you wish that open container laws would dissappear.)

(That’s a joke, by the way.)

My in-laws live in Norman, Oklahoma and we haven’t seen them since last June.  We’ll be spending a lovely four full days with them.  (Really, I have the best in-laws in the world.)  Instead of driving the 20+ hours it takes to get there all in one day again, we’re splitting it up between two days to maintain our sanity.  (Seriously, when you’re 30 minutes in to a 20+ hour drive and the kids are already asking, “Are we there yet?” you know that it is going to be a looong day.) 

Today we’re heading to Tupelo, Mississippi.  It’s an 8 hour drive if you don’t make any stops, so I’m guessing it will take our traveling circus about 9-ish hours.  The majority of today’s route will take us through the length of Alabama.  A fabulous state with beautiful scenery and one of the most insane billboards that you have ever seen:

Seriously, you will only find a sign like this in the state of Alabama.  I’ll give you a moment to regain your composure.  *Ahem*

I’m excited to see Tupelo, since I’ve only ever seen the run down gas station off of Highway 78 that sits at the edge of town.  (Resisting the urge to mention Elvis…)  However, seeing as how we’ll be arriving and leaving before the sun comes up, I’ll have to squint to enjoy it.  *wink*

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of our two-day trip of insanity. 


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