Bad Boys, Bad Boys

11 Jan

It has been a typical day at the office today.  Take phone calls, file paper work, help the local sheriff’s department in an arrest….you know, the usual.  At least, it’s the usual for my office.

Behind our office sits a small one bedroom, one bathroom “cottage” that we rent out.  (Some call it a cottage, I call it a high-class shack.)  Our current occupant is your typical 40-something male with no ambition, no drive and only mama to support him.  It came as no surprise then, when six sheriff’s deputies came up to our office today looking for information and help. 

Coincidentally, this is not the first time that I’ve been on the look out for a tenant with a warrant out for their arrest.  Just call me The Informer.  

After getting their cards and instructions, the deputies left and I went back to work.  After a few minutes had passed, I looked out the back door by my desk to see that the deputies had returned.  They were running laps around the “cottage” behind our office.  (It  is a mere 50 feet away from the back door.)  Before I could get up to see what was going on, one of the deputies was banging at the door, calling for me to let him in.  They had just gotten a tip that the guy was actually at home and was asleep in the bedroom.  After fetching them a key to the guy’s house, I stood by the back door to watch as the deputies went in after Mr. 40-something. 

It was an agonizingly long 3 minutes before the deputies drug the guy out of the “cottage.”   He was cuffed and dazed.  

Come to find out, he had beaten up a family member.  For a moment I was surprised that he hadn’t been arrested for drug charges since he always seemed to be doped up when he came into the office.  (A common occurence with the tenants.)  My shock was short-lived, however, when one of the deputies knocked on my door to return the key.  There he stood with an arm full of prescription medicine bottles.  Hmm, someone has been up to no good.  With Mr. 40-something in the back seat of the police car, the entourage of sheriff’s deputies pulled out.  

 Today’s arrest marked the third one made at our office in the four years that I have worked here.  (How pathetic.)

So, how was your day? 


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