Take Three

28 Dec

Every Christmas, after the presents have been unwrapped and the kids have been tucked away in bed, I sit down to look at the pictures that were taken during the day.  This year I hit an all-time record….379 pictures.  My computer actually groaned when I started uploading pictures.  Usually it is the tender moments that capture my attention.  The candid points through-out the day that tug at my heart-strings and make me a tad misty eyed are usually my favorites. 

However, this year was a bit different.  Sure, there were plenty of tender moments, all of which I’ll share with you later.  The star this year was the plethora of bloopers that the camera captured.  Among the hundreds of pictures taken were little gems of hilarious goodness.  I think these pictures best represent Christmas this year.  We laughed and smiled more this Christmas than ever before.  It was certainly a great day:

Jordan was caught showing off Jaden’s Lego set.  Nice, dear.  Nice.

 Fisher had more fun with the packaging than with the toys that came in them.  Sadly, this box belong to Chloe, not him.

My mom surprised Charles with a new “fist bump” that Wren had shown her earlier.  Ever heard of “the snail”?  It’s a doozie.

My mom REALLY liked the present that Jordan and I gave her.  You can almost imagine her calling out for Elizabeth in the photo.

 The hot sauce collection that my mom and Charles gave Jordan was definitely a hit.  Though, I’m not brave enough to try any of it.

Who wouldn’t want to sprinkle on a dose of “Screaming Sphincter”?

Oh, Martini and Rossi Asti.  You make Christmas bubble over with tasty-grapeness.

Can you say, “I’m on a boat”?  ‘Cause I did all day long.

Charles showing off his hat Clint Eastwood style. 

Speaking of ole Clint, Chloe was channeling him a bit herself as she rode her pony.

And finally, what’s a trip to my mom’s house without a cat attack?

Tune in again tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel

for some more yuletide goodness.


One Response to “Take Three”

  1. serri December 29, 2009 at 3:16 PM #

    totally loved all the pictures..it truly was the best christmas ever….loves!

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