That goose has got class.

23 Dec

Armed with a rather large loaf of bread, the kids and I set out Sunday afternoon for Lake Loretta.  Conveniently, it is only three blocks from our house.

The lake is chock full of ducks and geese of all varieties.  After decades of being fed by the public, they can smell a loaf of bread in the front seat of a car from a mile away.  It was no surprise to park the car and immediately see a flock of ducks/geese swimming our way as fast as their little legs would let them.

I foolishly thought that the over-sized loaf of bread I’d brought with us would last for a good while.  I was wrong.  Never underestimate the excitement of two, young children.  They were throwing out whole slices as if Lucy & Ethel were right there slinging out new slices of bread like chocolates on a conveyor belt.  After half the bag had disappeared in under two minutes, I got them to calm down long enough to start pinching off portions of bread for the ducks.

Pinching off pieces of the bread stretched out time by only a few minutes.  Five minutes after arriving at the lake, the bread was gone and the ducks were bored with our presence.  No matter, the lake had more to offer than just ducks hyped-up on carbs.  The plant life around the lake made for fantastic flags.  Fisher marched around the lake, flag in hand, showing it off to anyone who would look at it.

As we walked around the lake, we came across a very peculiar goose.  The large lump perched atop his head made for a distinguished looking profile.  He appeared to be proud of his surplus cranial space and made sure to let us know.   He strutted/swam slowly along the edge of the lake, making sure to keep pace with us so that we could marvel at his features as we walked.

I named him Sir Robert, of course.  I’m calling him Bob for short.

As Sir Robert finally grew tired of our company, we came across THE tree.  It is THE perfect tree for climbing.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better one.  The lower branch spreads out low and level and then juts up at the end.  The kids made short work of it, climbing up and out on the branch.  They swung their feet, they checked out the leaves, they even pretended the branch was a horse for riding.  After they wore themselves out, I was able to catch a few snapshots of them.

Shortly thereafter the wind picked up and we turned back towards home.

We can’t wait to go back, but we will definitely have to bring more bread next time.  I can almost hear the ducks and geese licking their beaks.  *wink*


2 Responses to “That goose has got class.”

  1. amy lynn December 23, 2009 at 2:48 PM #

    Oh my gosh. Sir Robert (never knew his name before) stalks us every time we go. I have observed him over the past two or so years and I have come to realize he is the king of the pond. Seriously. All the other ducks and geese obey his every squawk and wing flap. Personally, he creeps me out.

    • Raine December 23, 2009 at 3:03 PM #

      I agree. He definitely rules the roost…if ducks/geese had a roost.

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