Katmandu Farm

22 Dec

Despite the chilly weather, we spent most of this past weekend outside.  (In the deep south, anything under 60 degrees is considered chilly)  We layered and bundled up tight, only to strip it all away as we ran about the outdoors.

Big Daddy, a.k.a. my step-dad for the sake of skipping over a rather lengthy explanation of the inner workings of my family, had his children & grandchildren over for a visit.

After a hearty lunch, we met up at his house to roam about his 80 acres of land.  (Well, we really only walked around about 20 of them.)  With two horses, 4 dogs and far too many cats to count, there was plenty to see and do. 

Footballs were soaring through the air, along with the excited giggles of the kids as they played with the various animals traipsing about the land.  The dogs were excited beyond imagination, the cats could have cared less and the horses looked as though they were praying that no one would notice them…unless that someone was going to give them a treat. 

The dogs provided the most entertainment, however.  We spent most of our time running about their “pen,” if you can really call it that.  Their “pen” is about 5 acres in size, possible a bit larger.  They have their own dog house, complete with a loft and a heater.  What dog could do without such amenities?  All they lack is a personal masseuse.

Dirty?  Oh yes, we got dirty.  One cannot properly enjoy the outdoors without getting a little dirt on their clothes…and maybe some doggie dribble.

I came close to rolling in the dirt myself after bumping into the electric fence that surrounds the horse pasture.  I love how parenting sometimes comes back to bite you in the butt.  “Kids, do not touch the fence…it will hurt you.”  “Now, I’m serious.  Don’t get near it!”  *Zaaaappp*  All I can say is that it hurt a lot more than I thought it would.  I do not recommend it. 

By the end of the day we had frozen noses, dirty clothes and a deep longing to go to bed and sleep for a week.  However, sleep only lasted until about 7:30 the next morning.

Ah well, that would have to do.  By lunch time we were ready to head outside again…this time to feed some ducks at the lake by our house.  With a large loaf of bread in hand, we set out…

Tune in tomorrow for a duck-feeding-frenzy.  ;)  Ooo, the suspense is almost too much to bare!


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