Canine Casanova

18 Dec

Photograph by Raine Boyd

Denny has recently assumed the role of the scorned lover.  A developement of my own making.  Look at that face?  Who could deny such a face?  (Everyone but me, apparently.) 

After months of unconditional love and secret treats, he has decided that he’d rather not share me.  Who could blame him?  The fact that Jordan and I are married and have sworn to love only one another as long as we both shall live means nothing to him.  The bond between dog and human is surely stronger.  Thus, he is appalled when Jordan and I show our affection for one another.  He audibly huffs when he walks in on such a scene.

“Blasphemy!”  *bark, bark, bark*   

He tries to pull at Jordan’s pants leg, but it is to no avail.  He then lays seige to our tender moment by planting himself at our feet and barking non-stop.  Eventually we give in, but only after sharing a chuckle over the bizarre nature of our dog. 

We employed this phenomenon the other day when Denny refused to come in out of the rain: He stood on our back door step, covered in red clay waiting for a chance to ruin my carpet.  However, Jordan and I were laying in wait on the other side of the door, armed with towels.  After a five-minute starting contest, we decided to test out his new found distaste for PDA.  It only took two smooches before he busted through the door, bark ablaze to defend his woman…ahem, human. 

The towels consumed him as he continued his rant and we quickly ushered him to the bathtub to wash him off.  He would gladly suffer through a bath if it meant that I’d stop kissing my husband. 

The audacity of some pet owners.  Yeesh.


One Response to “Canine Casanova”

  1. Whitney December 18, 2009 at 2:53 PM #

    That is hilarious!

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