The Cookie Girl Goes For a Swim

12 Dec

Overheard through the bathroom door as Fisher was taking a bath:

Fisher is taking a bath with the help of a robot dog and a naked Barbie.  The robot dog is floating dejectedly at the back of the bathtub.

Fisher: “Mommy, will you hand me the dinosaur?”

Me: “Sure, buddy.”

I hand him an overly large, rubber Plesiosaur toy.  The Plesiosaur immediately attacks the naked Barbie, as Plesiosaurs are wont to do.

Fisher: “He bit her!”

Naked Barbie screams in agony.

Fisher: “Now he’s going to eat her!”

Naked Barbie explains that she has children, but her plea falls on deaf ears.

Fisher: “…He’s putting her in the oven!”

Me: “Oh…?”

Fisher: “She’s a cookie girl, Mommy.”

Fisher has been obsessed with gingerbread cookies that resemble people and is shocked that I haven’t followed his line of thought.

Fisher: “Mm, yummy cookie girl!”

I love his sense of imagination.  *smile*


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