Roll that beautiful bean footage!

8 Dec

After tempting you with pictures of my cupcake expertise yesterday, I figured you were all just dying to see pictures of the actual birthday party.  (I know, I’m a mind reader)  Not wanting to dissapoint, I’ve sifted through the 185 pictures that were taken and have hand picked a few of my favorites.  (Much thanks to Jordan for being on camera duty that night):

….and, blow!
The interesting part about blowing out the candles was the fact that there were candles on all sides of the mountain-o-cupcakes.  It took quite a bit of manuevering on the kid’s part to get to them all.
That was after only two bites.  Cupcakes are dee-lish!
My niece, Chloe, did not want to be interupted while eating her cupcake.  Pictures would have to wait.
This picture is pretty dark and I apologize.  I had to include it, however, because it is my favorite one.  Jaden & Mr. Leonard chatted together on the couch for quite a while.  It was the most heart-warming scene of the evening.
Oh, presents!
At first it was only Denny who was wandering around and ripping up wrapping paper.  After a while, Fisher decided that Denny needed some help, so he started ripping it up as well.  *shaking head*
I have to say that I was really excited about this one.  I love Ice Age.
Ah, Denny.  What a challange that cardboard box presented.  He loved every minute of it’s demise.
“It’s a Wii!”  Wheeeee!!!
Marilyn was thoughtful enough to give Chloe a present of her own to open.  As a child, it’s hard to watch other kids unwrap presents when you have none of your own.  She got this cute, baby panda.  She really liked it.  My dad, however, was fascinated with it.  He carried it around for the rest of the night looking it over and making it’s mouth move.  Too funny.
The funny thing about this picture is that five seconds after it was taken, Denny tried to eat my face.  In a nice way, of course.  Nothing like dog slobber oozing down your neck.  Mmm.
Introducing my wonderful husband.  He did a fabulous job documenting the evening and finally got to sit down and rest at 8:30 that night.
It’s Denny!!   
Jordan had to make him stop eating wrapping paper for a few mintues to take this fabulous picture.  I think it really captures the level of energy that Denny exudes 95% of the time.  He can’t help it.  Cupcakes + Wrapping paper = One hyper pup

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