That’s Miss Jaden, if you please.

4 Dec

Jaden turns seven years old today.  Seven.  She is no longer a baby or even a toddler.  She is a kid through and through.  Before I know it, she will hit puberty and lock herself in her room until graduation.  I’m not sure if I’m ready for that quite yet. 

The first few years of childhood seemed to crawl by, taking their time as milestones where marked by weeks and months.  Now that she’s seven, she’ll be hurtling towards adulthood at lightening speed, passing up Junior High and barely pausing to learn how to drive.

She is so different from her brother.  Fisher is laid back and quiet.  He was such a quiet baby and she was anything but quiet.  She is Miss Jaden.  I think she sees herself as an adult trapped in a child’s body.  She is too eager to wait to get old enough or tall enough to do things.  She wants to do them now.  Even as an infant she was always on the go, never content to sit still and enjoy her surroundings.

Despite her impatience to grow up, these past seven years have been filled with enough memories and good times to fill two lifespans.  She is my constant companion and friend.   

Happy birthday, my big girl.  Mama loves you!

Ah, 2005.  The year you discovered how to climb.  And climb you did, right on to the counter top to play with vaseline. 
Your independent natured shined through this year.  The most notable moment came when you decided to your your hair….and Fisher’s hair.  (You can’t see it in this picture, but she left herself a rat tail on the back side of her head…a nice touch, I think)
There’s my beautiful girl.  You made so many new friends this year.  You were such a social butterfly and for that I am glad.
Gone are all traces of being a toddler.  You changed so much this year, I could barely keep up.
Thing one.  So true.  At times you are so energetic and silly, you seem like a character out of Dr. Seuss.  But you’re definitely one that is loveable throughout.  You’re so much like me at this age that I can hardly wrap my mind around it.  You make me so proud.

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