24 Nov

Jaden and Fisher have been a tad…”hyper” this past week, to be completely understated.  I could feel my resolve to be patient and understanding slipping which each passing day.  It’s not that they’ve been bad, per se, it’s just that they’ve had excesive amounts of energy and a bad case of selective hearing. 

All that said, I was relieved to have a wedding to go to this past Saturday.  For starters, I love weddings.  I used to not really care about them until I had the kids.  Something about child birth alters your emotional settings.  Now I can’t get enough of weddings, babies and any other stereotypical girly event.  Secondly, it was the wedding of a highschool friend which I adore.  She is one of the sweetest girls I know and I couldn’t be happier for her.  Thirdly, it was at Gin Creek, which is breathtakingly beautiful.

Saturday finally rolled around and Jordan and I were eager to make the drive to the wedding, child-free.  Ah, this blissful silence. *laugh*  I love parenthood, but sometimes it’s nice to have a few hours to yourself.  Plus, Jaden and Fisher were going to be staying with my cousin, Demi, and they couldn’t wait to get to her house.  To say that they love her is an understatement.  They couldn’t hardly sit still from all the excitement. 

Soon we were on our way, winding through the back roads of Southwest Georgia and praying that we wouldn’t get lost.  Thankfully, we made it to the wedding on time…even though Google Maps tried it’s best to make that impossible.  Seriously, Google, what were you thinking?  Anyhoo, the wedding was amazing.  The bride, groom and attendants were gorgeous.  It was the best outdoor wedding I’ve been to.  Not too long and completely intimate.  Le sigh.  I feel all fuzzy inside just thinking about it.  *wink*

Don’t we clean up nice?  Not too shabby if I say so myself.  ;)
We didn’t stay too long, though.  As nice as it was to have some time to ourselves, I was sure that Demi would soon need a break.  I wasn’t worried about the kids acting out, they always act like angels for everyone but us.  *wink*  I was concerned about the just how excited they were to see Demi and if they would run out of energy long enough for her to catch her breath.  :)  We did stay for dinner and dancing, though, both of which were fantastic. 
All in all it was a great evening.  The highlight of which was that I never once tripped.  Hey, it’s a momentous thing.  I can barely walk a straight line in tennis shoes, let alone boots with a three inch heel.  *bowing to the crowd*  Thank you, thank you.  However, by the time I got home, as was more than happy to hand the boots back to my sister.  I’m not sure if my toes will ever regain feeling.  ;) 

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