How Low Can You Go?

20 Nov

Today I got my ears lowered. 

Don’t you love it when people use that phrase?    I’m actually not a fan of the phrase, but my theory is that everyone can use it at least once a year and avoid criticism.  *shoulder shrug*  Besides, the phrase always makes for a fantastically gruesome mental picture:

“…and now, if you please, turn the crank very slowly so as not to disrupt the placement of the eyes.  Yes, nicely done, Igor.”

So, here it is:  My new do in all of its over-exposed goodness.  Yes, the smirk is back.  I told you, I’m lacking the gene which makes me capable of taking a decent self-portrait.  That and I may have played around with an online photo editor.  This picture just screams amateur photographer.  (Score one for Raine!)
I may have gotten carried away with the glaussian blur…oopsies.  Oh well, just think of this as a serious moment in a soap opera:
 *Organ Music Intro*  “Will Raine’s husband aprove of her new haircut?  Will her dog even recognize her?!  Tune in next week for the shocking conculsion.” 
All in all I’m quite happy with my hair.  I’ve had short hair since Junior High and have come to love it.  It is easy to fix and easy to maintain.  Plus, you can take an afternoon nap without a bad case of bed head giving you away:  “What?  No.  I haven’t been sleeping.  I’ve been dusting, I swear.”  *wink*  Works every time.

One Response to “How Low Can You Go?”

  1. sherri November 21, 2009 at 2:45 AM #

    Love it! You are so pretty!

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