I Suck at Photoshop

19 Nov
For all of you out there who don’t know what Jordan, a.k.a. “The Hubs”, does for a living, he is a colorist for several comic books that are currently in the beginning stages of life.  Coloring a comic is much more involved than coloring Disney Princess coloring books with your kids.  It takes a lot of time and talent.  A lot.  The Hubs works hard and works a lot of hours, which means that I don’t get as much snuggle-on-the-couch time as I’d like to have with him.  But, I’m okay with this.  He does more than most to make life for the kids and I comfy and for that I am eternally grateful.  (Aw, *tear*) 
So, I have decided to learn Photoshop and help him out by laying the ground work for him.  (Hey, now.  Stop laughing.  Stop it, I say.  Photoshop can’t be that hard to learn, right?)  All I’ll be doing is flatting the black and white images for him so he can go in after me and do the real color work.  Surely I can handle such a task.  *fingers crossed*
Last night, after the kiddos were tucked away in bed, Jordan & I seated ourselves in front of the computer in his office and began my crash course in Photoshop.  (Aw, come on.  Stop giggling.)  The Hubs decided to just give me a walk through of all the different tools available in Photoshop for my first lesson.  There are oodles of them.  Caboodles of oddles.  (Ha)  To demonstrate what effect each tool had on an image, he pulled up a still he had taken from the movie, “Big Fish.”  Poor Albert Finney, if only he knew the things we did to him last night:
It started off innocently enough.  Jordan was demonstrating “Dodge” and “Burn” to me and before we knew it, Albert Finney had laser beams coming from his eyes.  It could happen to anyone.  Originally, he looked like a vampire with red eyes.  Then we came across the line tool and well….laser beams were born.  Who could pass up such an opportunity?  No one.  No one is that strong.  So, Jordan went with it and took it to the extreme.  Oh Albert Finney, forgive us.  We know not what we do.  
Once we’d finished defacing Albert Finney’s…face, we went on to view some helpful Photoshop tutorials.  *ahem*  Now, I know that watching tutorials does not sound like fun stuff, but trust me, these weren’t your average tutorials.  Want to learn your way around Photoshop?  No?  Okay.  Well, how about just watching some that is utterly hilarious?  Hm?  Yeah.  That’s what I thought.  Watch, laugh, learn.
What’s that?  I’m a genius?  I’ve saved you from an afternoon of boredom?  Oh, you’re so welcome.  *curtsey*

One Response to “I Suck at Photoshop”

  1. Wren November 20, 2009 at 1:27 AM #

    Okay, I literally spewed coffee everywhere when I saw your edited picture! haha Too freaking funny! :D

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