12 Nov

Good morning, world.  Ahhh.  Nothing like waking up to head congestion and a cough that could rival a sonic boom.  Mmm, sickness.  It’s a good thing.  (Not) 

Okay, so I’m still not feeling well.  After a week of coughing, sneezing and generally being pitiful, I have decided to head to the doctor.  (That and I’m pretty sure everyone in my house is tired of listening to me cough)

Why have I waited so long?  I guess it’s because I am still relying on the “sickness rule of thumb” that was set forth by my mom when I was a kid.  To qualify as being “sick,” you either had to have a fever or had to be throwing up. That was it.  Not exceptions.  (Sorry, Mom)  ;)  Since I have not met either requirement, I have been in denial about actually being sick.  (Tis nothing but a flesh wound…Oh, Monty Python) 

Jordan has been trying to convince me for days now that this was not the case, that you could actually be sick without meeting the aforementioned requirements.  Really?  Are you serious?  Gosh, I feel like a new woman. 

So, after work today, I made my way over to the local “Convenient Care,” as some poor fool decided to name it.  Trust me, it’s far from convenient.  I guess that they figured since laughter was the best medicine that a good dose of sarcasm would do everyone some good.  *dramatic pause* 

Anyhoo, I ended up in a stuffy waiting room with the local news on the TV to keep me occupied as I waited.  After three weather reports, it had lost it’s charm.  As I was sitting there, half dosing, a fly landed on my knee.  I assume that he  was just stopping for a breather, since there was nothing of interst on my knee.  (I say “he” because, as we all know, flies are always male…kind of like how all cats are girls and all dogs are boys…duh.)  Normally I’d shoo him away, but I was bored and he was a welcome distraction from the coughing and moaning that filled the waiting room.

I wonder what flies think.  Nothing, I’m sure.  Being so small, I’m sure that there is only room for basic functions in their brains.  However, being imaginative as I am, I pretended that he was sight seeing and I was just a stop on his tour.  I named him Rupert, because I’m just that cool.        

So there Rupert and I sat.  I was bored and couldn’t help wonder why on earth he would pick such a place to explore.  There was nothing for him to eat or drink there and it was definitely not my idea of an excititng place to visit.  However, there were some interesting smells to check out, so I couldn’t judge.  How was I to know what flies liked?  I imagine that he saw me as a mountain, something to climb and claim as a victory to all flies world wide.  I’m sure he had a closet full of T-shirts as proof of his accomplishments.  “I climbed Raine’s left leg.”  Ooo, ahhh.  Such an inspiration to the younger generation.

Weird tangent aside, I did eventually make it back to see the doctor.  He gave me the usual pokes and prods and proclaimed in a monotone voice that I had an upper respiratory infection.  I always feel ashamed when I go to the doctor only to discover that I have something so benign.  I am always afraid that the doctor will see me as one of those clingy types that craves constant attention and sympahty.  You know, the kind of person that treats a simple cold like pnuemonia.  Yes, that kind of person.  *shudder*

I tried to appear nonchalant about his diagnosis as he wrote up my prescription.  It was nothing to sneeze at, no pun intended.  *eye brow wiggle*  Two hours and two prescriptions later, I was free of the “Convenient” Care and on my way home.  That’s the other down side of visiting such a place.  Once you do manage to escape with a prescription, your nerves are so rattled that you can’t possibly face another lengthy wait at the pharmacy.  So it looks like my med’s will have to wait until tomorrow.  Only one more night of coughing…I think I’ll make it.  *fingers crossed*  *cough*


One Response to “Rupert”

  1. sherri November 13, 2009 at 12:57 AM #

    OMG…It's amazing that you survived under the care of a woman like your mother….just kidding…sorry but it seemed like a good truth to live by at the time. By the way…love the tale of Rupert the fly…I wish I could have seen his T shirt collection…love you…ps…Rupert the fly would make a great story!!!

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